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    Resources for prescription drug addiction.
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    Drug rehab center, alcohol treatment program, substance abuse treatment,and dual diagnosis located in Miami, Florida.
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    Guide you to choose a drugs and alcohol rehab in the United states.
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    Professional advice on finding quality drug rehab programs and alcohol addiction treatment centers nationwide.
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    Advocates of drug-free living through effective drug rehabilitation and education as well as sensible drug policy.
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    We guide people from Alberta, Canada towards getting help for their alcohol and drug addiction. We can help them with treatment for all over Canada.
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    Cocaine addiction treatment helps people to overcome their addiction to cocaine. We refer people to treatment in all over North America
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    Help find a treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction in Georgia. We can help families to do drugs or alcohol intervention to get the person with the addiction the help they need.
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    Offers a referrals service for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the United States and Canada.
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